15 June 2015

Sebulan di Matrikulasi Selangor

This week dah sebulan aku dekat sini. Which is crazy. Aku rasa macam baru semalam daftar. Cepatnya masa berjalan ya Allah.

Aku homesick teruk. Aku macam tak kuat dah nak study dekat sini. Aku taktau kenapa. Aku bukan tak boleh. Aku boleh je tapi aku stress. Aku tak biasa. Aku tak suka. Too much negetive thought.

Before this aku nak amek dentistry. Tapi taklah. Aku taktau aku boleh handle ke tak. Dekat sini pon aku dah macam apa.

Aku still nangis lagi walaupun dah baru sebulab. Aku taktau lah apa kena dengan aku ni. Mak aku pon taktau. Everytime dia hantar balik sini aku nangis. Asa something dalam hati ni yang buat aku rasa macam tu.
thank you ♥

14 May 2015

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Gel

Hi guys. It's been a long time since I post something on my blog. 😅😅 Today I will review about Miss Hana eyeliner which I bought recently. 

Disclaimer : I bought it using my on money. So this review are my own opinion and thought.

This is the eyeliner that I want to talk about. This eyeliner is the blackest eyeliner i ever bought. I really like it. 

As you can see, it's really dark and give you a thick line. If you prefer thin line, it's not suitable for you. For me, I really love to wear thick liner if I do not wear any eyeshadow and mascara. So it's fine.

In addition, it is extremely waterproof. I can wear it like 7 hours straight without having a smudge on my eyelids. Keep in mind I have oily eyelids.

I provided a few test for you to see the waterproofness. Hehe

1. Rub it with tap water.

The verdict : as you can see.. nothing happen. The product doesn't even move. It stays that way as it is.

2. Rub it with makeup remover.

The verdict : you can remove it easily by using make up remover. My tip is do not rub the eyeliner immediately. Place the cotton pad that you already soaked with makeup remover on the eyeliner so that the eyeliner easy to be removed. I will make a review about the makeup remover that I used later. 

The other good thing about this eyeliner is it's really affordable. It cost my about RM26.00 exc the tax. 

If you want to try you can buy it here

The conclusion


1. Affordable
2. Highly pigmented
3. Waterproof
4. Easy to remove
5. Creamy and easy to apply


1. Can't buy it in store
2. Do not have colour label which is hard if you have more then one colour.

Am I gonna buy it again?


thank you ♥

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